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samedi 7 juin 2014

Frank Zappa at The Roxy Theatre - 1973 Video concert

Frank Zappa at The Roxy Theatre - 1973 Video concert
Frank Zappa at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, California on December 8, 9 and 10, 1973.
While waiting for the "Roxy DVD" (a trailer is contained in the Baby Snakes DVD), this is what is available at now:
00:00 Intro (3:50)
03:50 Montana (7:00)
10:50 The Hook - The Booger Man - Dupree's Paradise (20:30)
Frank Zappa -- guitar, vocals, producer
Napoleon Murphy Brock -- flute, tenor saxophone, vocals
Robert "Frog" Camarena -- backing vocals ("Cheepnis")
Debbie -- backing vocals ("Cheepnis")
Lynn - backing vocals ("Cheepnis")
Ruben Ladron de Guevara -- backing vocals ("Cheepnis")
George Duke -- synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Bruce Fowler -- trombone, dancer
Tom Fowler -- bass guitar
Walt Fowler -- trumpet, bass trumpet
Ralph Humphrey -- drums
Don Preston -- synthesizer
Jeff Simmons -- rhythm guitar, vocals
Chester Thompson -- drums
Ruth Underwood -- percussion
This video was showed as intro at some of the 2006 ZPZ shows, later was made available for streaming at Zappa.Com, Montana is available in the DVD Classic Albums: Frank Zappa - Apostrophe(')/Over-Nite Sensation (none of the above is available in Roxy & Elsewhere album);
Dummy Up (partial - 3:00):this fragment is contained in "The True Story Of 200 Motels."
"Unreleased DVD"
There was a 3 minute trailer released in the new millennium advertising a Roxy DVD which could potentially contain the footage from all three nights. The trailer was later included on the Baby Snakes DVD as a bonus feature.
Joe Travers has stated that "It's sitting in the vault. Waiting for a budget to do it properly. Basically the film footage, the negatives were transferred by Frank in the '80s using '80s technology. What we want to do is go back to the original negatives and do it in High Definition and then create a 5.1 mix from the original masters so that we have surround sound as well as Frank's 2 channel stereo mix. Once we get all that together, then we need to cut the program. Edit the program together, camera angles, what shows, what we are going to include from what shows or include all the shows. I have no idea what Dweezil and Gail want to do. It's great stuff, but the process of just getting to that point is going to cost a lot of money and take a lot of time." [1] Two songs from the unreleased film ("Montana" and "Dupree's Paradise") were used as opener for the Zappa Plays Zappa concerts in 2006.
On April 1, 2007, unveiled a redesigned website, which included the 30-minute segment from the Roxy performances, which had been used at the Zappa Plays Zappa concerts, on its new videos page.
The clip for "Montana" was included as a bonus feature of the Classic Albums: Apostrophe(')/Over-Nite Sensation DVD, which was released on May 1, 2007.(Wiki)