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jeudi 24 juillet 2014

Them The Angry Young Them 1965 Full album

The Angry Young Them is the first album from the Northern Irish rock and roll group Them. The album was released in the UK in June 1965. The band's lead singer and songwriter was Van Morrison. In the U.S., the album was released as Them with partly different tracks.
Them The Angry Young Them 1965 Full album


The Animals - The Animals (US Album - 1964) Full Album

The Animals - The Animals (US Album - 1964) Full Album
Album da banda inglesa The Animals lançado no Estados Unidos em 1964. Para ouvir o album lançado na Inglaterra, segue o link
1 "House of the Rising Sun" (Traditional, arranged Alan Price) (Edited single version) 00:00
2 "Blue Feeling" (Jimmy Henshaw) 04:34
3 "The Girl Can't Help It" (Bobby Troup) 07:06
4 "Baby Let Me Take You Home" (Wes Farrell, Bert Russell) 09:35
5 "The Right Time" (Lew Herman) 12:00
6 "Talkin' 'Bout You" (Ray Charles) (Edited short version) 15:49
7 "Around and Around" (Chuck Berry) 22:56
8 "I'm In Love Again" (Dave Bartholomew, Fats Domino) 25:44
9 "Gonna Send You Back to Walker (Gonna Send You Back to Georgia)" 28:51
10 "Memphis, Tennessee" (Chuck Berry) 31:22
11 "I'm Mad Again" (John Lee Hooker) 34:33
12 "I've Been Around" (Fats Domino) 38:52

Yes Acoustic

Yes Acoustic


Tiger Rag
Long Distance Runaround
South Side of the Sky
Show Me
Time is Time
Intersection Blues
I've Seen All Good People
The Lady is a Tramp
The Stripper
Blue Moon
Things Ain't What They Used to Be

Kliment - The Perpetual Ritual [Full Album]

Kliment - The Perpetual Ritual [Full Album]
1 Crystalline 0:00
2 Ether Aesthetics 9:40
3 Behind The Steps Of Death 18:14
4 Reflexive Meditation 28:47
5 Universe Alchemy 37:28
6 Travels To The Infinite 46:14
7 Arowana 53:57
8 The Interstellar Orchestra 1:02:59

Chet Atkins (MK) & friends as seen on PBS (from 1987)

Chet Atkins (MK) & friends as seen on PBS (from 1987)
AMIT TV (0075)
Chet Atkins & Friends

Chet Atkins: Certified Guitar Player features:
1) "Deep Thumb Blues" -- Chet Atkins 3:43
2) "I'll See You in My Dreams" 2:21 and "Walk of Life" 3:46 -- Atkins and Mark Knopfler
3) "All I Have to Do Is Dream," 0:41 "Bye Bye Love," 1:23 "Wake Up Little Susie" 1:28and "Why Worry" 6:31 -- Atkins and Everly Brothers
4) "Precious Memories" -- Atkins and Emmylou Harris 5:20
5) "Waltz for the Lonely" -- Atkins 3:33
6) "I Keep Forgettin'" -- Atkins and Michael McDonald 4:46
7) "Rose in Paradise" -- Atkins and Waylon Jennings 3:53
8) "Good Hearted Woman" -- Atkins, Jennings and Willie Nelson 3:38
9) "Island in the Sea" -- Atkins and Nelson 2:49
10) "Sunrise" -- Atkins and David Pack 3:43
11) "Imagine" -- Atkins and Knopfler 2:48
12) "I Still Can't Say Goodbye" -- Atkins 4:13
13) "Corrina, Corrina" -- Atkins and guests 4:09
Straits BAND Members during this period 1985--1988
Mark Knopfler - lead guitar, lead vocals
Jack Sonni - rhythm guitar
John Illsley - bass guitar, backing vocals
Alan Clark - keyboards
Guy Fletcher - synthesizer, backing vocals
Terry Williams - drums
Auxiliary touring members
Chris White - saxophone
Joop de Korte - percussion (1985--1986)
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