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mardi 26 août 2014

The Beggar´s Opera - Act One 1970 (Full Album With Bonus Tracks)


Beggar´s Opera - Act One 1970 (Full Album With Bonus Tracks)


Beggars Opera Act One Full Album
Beggars Opera were a classical / symphonic progressive rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, formed in Glasgow in 1969 by guitarist Ricky Gardiner. The line-up consisted of Ricky Gardiner (guitar/vocals) (born Richard Gardner, in 1948, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland), Alan Park (keyboards) (born 10 May 1951, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland), Martin Griffiths (vocals), Marshall Erskine (bass/flute) and Raymond Wilson (drums).
Ricky Gardiner best know for his work with David Bowie and Iggy Pop.
For Bowie he played lead guitar on the 1977 album Low. He worked with Pop on Lust for Life the same year. The album included "The Passenger", regarded as one of Pop's best songs, for which Gardiner composed the music. Bowie biographer David Buckley described it as being "possessed with one of the greatest riffs of all time".
Since the 1970s Gardiner has played and composed in a variety of styles, including ambient, classical and rock and roll.
1 Poet And Peasant
2 Passacaglia
3 Memory
4 Raymond's Road
5 Light Cavalry

6 Sarabande
7 Think