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samedi 1 novembre 2014

Grand Funk Railroad - Grand Funk (1969) [Full Album]

Grand Funk Railroad - Grand Funk (1969) [Full Album


Track list :
Side one :
1. Got Got This Thing on the Move - 0:00
2. Please Don't Worry - 4:38
3. High Falootin' Woman - 8:59
4. Mr. Limousine Driver - 12:00
5. In Need - 16:27
Side two :
1. Winter and My Soul - 24:20
2. Paranoid - 30:59
3. Inside Looking Out - 38:49

Grand Funk is Grand Funk Railroad's second studio album, and was released in December 1969 by Capitol Records. It was produced by Terry Knight and engineered by Ken Hamann. This release (aka "The Red Album") was certified by RIAA with a gold record award, the first for the group. It includes a cover of The Animals' "Inside Looking Out" which is still a cornerstone of the band's live concerts today. Other key tracks include: "Got This Thing On The Move", "In Need", and "Paranoid". The inside spread photograph of the trio, for the original album release, was used for the now infamous, $100,000, block-long and several stories high, New York City's Times Square billboard ad for the album Closer To Home (1970). The producers sought to achieve a concentration on Mark Farner's guitar, in response to the imbalance the band achieved in On Time with the prominence of Mel Schacher's bass. This led to the unofficial name of "The Red Album", as the guitar track, red in the studio, was turned up. This was reflected on the red cover art.