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dimanche 10 août 2014

Gravy Train - Ballad of a peaceful man (1971)


Gravy Train - Ballad of a peaceful man (1971)
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01 Alone in Georgia
02 (A ballad of) a peaceful man
03 Julie's delight
04 Messenger
05 Can anybody hear me
06 Old tin box
07 Won't talk about it
08 Home again
INFO: Released in late 1971, (A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man was Gravy Train's second - and probably their most praised - album. Unlike their heavier debut, this album sports some lovely string arrangements, provided by Nick Harrison.
A unique feature of the album is that it splits the heavy tracks from the lighter tracks: all the ballads are on side 1, while all the rockers are on side 2.
PERSONNEL: Norman Barrett -- Guitar, Vocals
Barry Davenport -- Drums
J.D. Hughes -- Keyboards, Vocals, Wind
Lester Williams -- Bass, Vocals