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jeudi 23 octobre 2014

George Harrison - "Extra Texture (Read All About It)" [Full Album]

George Harrison - "Extra Texture (Read All About It)" [Full Album]
George Harrison - "Extra Texture (Read All About It)" [Full Album]
01. 00:00 "You"
02. 03:43 "The Answer's At the End"
03. 09:19 "This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)"
04. 13:30 "Ooh Baby (You Know That I Love You)"
05. 17:31 "World of Stone"
06. 22:15 "A Bit More of You"
07. 22:58 "Can't Stop Thinking About You"
08. 27:31 "Tired of Midnight Blue"
09. 32:24 "Grey Cloudy Skies"
10. 36:06 "His Name Is Legs (Ladies and Gentlemen)"
Extra Texture (Read All About It) is the fifth studio album by George Harrison, released in 1975 following his controversial North American tour at the end of the previous year and the poorly received Dark Horse album. Extra Texture was Harrison's final release under his contract with Apple Records and EMI, and also the last-ever studio album issued by Apple. It is considered to be Harrison's soul album, demonstrating the influence of mellow-voiced Smokey Robinson, and was something of a departure from the more traditional rock style of his previous post-Beatle solo sets.
Despite its downbeat mood and the negative reviews it received from music critics, Extra Texture was certified gold for US sales within two months of release and produced a moderate hit single in the song "You", originally co-produced with Phil Spector. Uniquely among George Harrison's solo albums, Extra Texture was mostly recorded in America rather than in England; Gary Wright, David Foster, Tom Scott, Jesse Ed Davis, Leon Russell, Billy Preston and Jim Keltner were among the many contributing musicians. It was first released on CD in 1992, but, unusually for an Apple album, it has not been remastered since then.