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mardi 18 novembre 2014

Brian Eno - Making Space (full album)

Brian Eno - Making Space (full album)
If Opal Records, copyright holders or Mr Eno prefer this to be removed, please contact me directly via YT inbox and I shall be happy to immediately remove it. I have made attempts to contact Opal about this issue but to no avail.
Released in 2006 in collaboration with the Lumen London Gallery exhibit of 77 Million paintings, this is a compilation of previously recorded but unreleased tracks, some co-written by Leo Abrahams. All form a smooth, easy and quite spacey entity. Never officially released. Truly a stand-out compilation in the Eno canon, one of his best albums... all the more so for the surprise factor; this had been a very hard one to find.
To purchase Brian Eno music, see, and to purchase a gorgeous, limited edition of Making Space, there is only one place to do so:
list, length and start time
1 Needle Click 4.09 0:00
2 Light Legs 3.38 4:09
3 Flora And Fauna / Gleise 581d 3.56 7:46
4 New Moons 4.03 11:42
5 Vanadium 1.56 15:44
6 All The Stars Were Out 3.53 17:40
7 Hopeful Timean Intersect 5.13 21:33
8 World Without Wind 5.24 26:46
9 Delightful Universe (Seen From Above) 7.33 32:11
All compositions by Brian Eno except Flora and Fauna/Gleise 581d, New Moons, Vanadium by Brian Eno and Leo Abrahams; Hopeful Timean Intersect by Brian Eno, Tim Harries, Leo Abrahams
All instruments by Brian Eno except Leo Abrahams: guitar on Flora and Fauna/Gleise 581d, New Moons, Hopeful Timean Intersect; Tim Harries: bass on Hopeful Timean Intersect
Produced by Brian Eno
Imagery by Brian Eno and Nick Robertson
Label Opal