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jeudi 13 novembre 2014

Wo Fat - The Black Code (2012) (Full Album)

Wo Fat - The Black Code (2012) (Full Album)
Texas stoner rock trio, Wo Fat bring the serious dose of the fuzz with guitar riffs that would make Tony Iommi proud with the release of their new album, 'The Black Code'. Just like their debut, "The Gathering Dark," this album rocks hard and heavy, Black Sabbath-style with plenty of Hendrixy acid guitar jams, but ventures further out, into trippy, Floydian, psychedelic dimensions in the spheres beyond.
Wo Fat is Kent Stump on vocals, guitar, Tim Wilson on bass and Michael Walter on drums. The trio make haste with the Captain Beyondisms on the opening track, "Lost Highway". This is not cold, sterile, machine-like metal. This is organic, earthy metal full of funk with three songs over the ten minute mark, "Black Code", "The Shard Of Leng" and the juggernaut, "Sleep Of The Black Lotus", making for a record ideal for uninterrupted listening. Taking their inspiration from the heavy 70's greats then kicking it into interstellar overdrive, delivering the goods with the heaviness and sheer weight of Orange Goblin and Kyuss. As any fan of Stoner Rock will tell you, "if it ain't heavy it ain't worth shit". ' The Black Code' qualifies as super heavy, lots of volume, with unforced jamming and full of heavy riffs and deep grooves. It's hard to hold the simplicity of their sound against them when they perform with such earnestness and dedication to what they do. Light up if you have 'em the tune in, turn on, and rock out with Wo Fat. - Highly Recommended
4th album from Stoner Metal behemoths Wo Fat! Enjoy!
1. Lost Highway - 0:00
2. The Black Code 5:24
3. Hurt At Gone - 15:30
4. The Shard of Leng - 23:29
5. Sleep Of The Black Lotus - 36:00